Rikki Cann Aston Martin Specialists in Essex

We know why you drive an Aston Martin. It’s the same reason that we drive them. A combination of power, engineering and class that makes every Aston Martin model something really special.

So we know that there’s nothing worse than getting any less than the very best from your Aston.

Aston Martin Servicing, Parts, Restoration and Repairs

From our workshop in Essex, Rikki Cann Aston Martin specialists provide a range of Aston Martin servicing, parts, restoration and repair facilities for Aston drivers from all over the UK. From providing a regular service on your new Aston to fully restoring a classic that hasn’t been driven in decades, we’ve got the skills, experience and determination to keep your car on the road.

Or on the track.

Aston Racing Services

We will also help you to modify, maintain and upgrade your racing Aston, drawing upon the years of experience that have landed us numerous wins.

Whatever you need, our team will help. So don’t settle for second best. Talk to the Aston Martin experts today. Call us now on 01702 291818.