Rikki Cann – Over Two Decades of Aston Martin Excellence

Rikki Cann set up his Aston Martin specialist garage back in 1991, alongside two other Aston experts.

Drawing upon their experience of working at London’s renowned Hyde Vale Aston Martin service dealer, the three colleagues set their sights on becoming globally recognised as experts in their field. And as they built up a loyal customer base, the  garage earned a name as a place where the friendly, helpful mechanics really knew their stuff.

From relatively humble beginnings, Rikki Cann’s Aston specialist garage has grown into a centre of excellence, and a byword for quality among Aston Martin owners. While Aston racer Rikki Cann concentrates on running the company and training a new generation of Aston Martin experts, his wife Jayne runs the office and parts department. As a true family business, there’s also a place for brother Joe Cann, who brings his own skill and expertise as a modern era diagnostic specialist.

Thanks to years of hard work, careful expansion and clever hiring, Rikki Cann is now fully self-sufficient – handling any project you can imagine. With a fully stocked machine shop, chassis repair workshop and fabrications facility, we can do whatever it takes to give you the ultimate Aston Martin driving experience.

And because we’re in control of everything that happens in our workshops, our promises carry weight. When we tell you we’ll get something done, we will get it done.

So tell us what you need