Rikki Cann – A History of Aston Martin Racing

There’s a reason you can trust Rikki Cann with your racing Aston. Because we’ve seen it all, done it all and won it all.

Rikki started racing on the ovals in a Ford Anglia Hotrod in 1973 – before he was even old enough for a road license. And this started a life-long love affair with the speed and thrill of racing.

Taking the control and driving skills he’d honed on the ovals, Rikki turned his hand to the taxing and testing sport of Historic Rallying – taking cars on the Monte-Carlo, Liege-Rome-Liege, Le-Jog, Robin Hood Stages, Trackrod Stages and Tour of Cornwall Rallies.

And, of course, Rikki Cann won the prestigious Targa trophy at the Targa Tasmania rally in 1999.

Out of the driving seat, we’ve built and modified custom racing Astons that have been successful all over the UK, in the AMOC series, Heritage Grand Touring Car Challenge and many other great races.

In 2012, we’re preparing to defend our 6 hour racing title at Snetterton. But we’re saving more than enough time to help you out in your races.

So if you want to taste the glory of Aston Martin racing, call us now.