Classic Aston Martin Servicing

Keeping your classic Aston Martin in pristine condition is a labour of love.

Your Aston will be serviced by fully qualified and factory trained Aston Martin technicians, all of whom have a wealth of experience which they’ll put to use on your behalf.

We start by fitting a full vehicle protection kit to your Aston, and filling out all of the necessary paperwork. We then take your list of faults and hand it to our technicians, who’ll carry out a comprehensive road test and examination, and provide you with a full engineer’s report and quote. We’ll rank each fault by order of importance, so we can focus our efforts on the issues you decide are important.

Our expert technicians will then put their training and experience to work on your Aston, combining tried and tested methods with an eye for detail to ensure that every fault is fixed and every issue resolved.

All components and items removed from your classic Aston will be examined, repaired and repainted before we refit them, or replaced if they are no longer fit for purpose. All brake pads and shoes will be removed and properly inspected to ensure your future safety, and your Aston’s battery will be subjected to rigorous testing.

This is followed by a further road test and final inspection, along with a full valet service to ensure that your Aston is in peak driving condition. Then, and only then, will we return your fully serviced car to you, safe in the knowledge that it reflects the classic Aston Martin power, beauty and soul.

Keep your classic Aston where it should be – on the road. Call us now.