New Aston Martin Servicing

Just because a new Aston Martin doesn’t have as many miles on the clock as a classic model doesn’t mean it needs any less care and expertise when it’s serviced.

Here at Rikki Cann, we never cut corners when we service a car. That means that your new Aston receive the same incredible levels of service, care and attention that we lavish on classic models.

Your car will be kept safe with a full vehicle protection kit, before our qualified and experienced Aston engineers carry out a full road test. We will then use our WDS system to check for any logged faults. Once we have identified everything, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive fault report and quote, so you can concentrate on the most pressing issues and take advantage of our AML mileage services.

Your car will then be serviced by our in-house experts, who will examine your braking system in minute detail, to ensure that your car remains as safe to drive as the first time you drove it off the forecourt. We’ll also make sure that any part we remove is fully examined, repaired and repainted before it is refitted, and that any defective components will be replaced with genuine AML parts.

Once your Aston is restored to peak performance, we will carry out a final road test, inspection and valeting, before returning your Aston to you. Then you’re free to drive away in an Aston Martin that’s operating at the very height of its powers.

Don’t settle for second best. Call us now.