Aston Martin Ignition Modifications

Ask any classic enthusiast about the Achilles’ heel of the early V8 range, and they’ll point you straight at the ignition system. And, to make matters worse, it’s become increasingly difficult to source original Aston Martin ignition parts.

So rather than letting you struggle with a sub-par ignition or leave your car sitting in our workshop, Rikki Cann decided to do something about it.

We have developed an affordable type of replacement electronic ignition systems for the standard V8 range, alongside a more expensive MSD system. We use the 123 system on 6 cylinder engines, and can overhaul your original distributor. We’ll also change the advance curve to suit modern motoring conditions and tastes.

All of which means that if you call our workshop now, your classic Aston Martin will soon start first time, every time.