An Aston Martin Is More Than Just a Car…

…and Rikki Cann is more than just an Aston Martin garage.

We’re dedicated Aston technicians and passionate Aston fans, who are committed to giving you the best possible driving experience.

Our team of eight have over 75 years’ experience between them, so you’ll always know that we’ll treat your car with the care and respect it deserves. What’s more, our engineers and mechanics have all received full Aston Martin training, so you’ll be putting your vehicle in the hands of qualified, certified experts.

Whether it’s a classic in need of a full refurbishment or a brand new model in need of a tweak, we’ve got the skills to keep your car in peak condition.

For over 20 years, our team at Vantage House has ensured every Aston Martin that drives onto our forecourt has power, beauty and soul.

Here’s to 20 more.